We specialized in the programming of MT4 Expert Advisors for the Forex market

Welcome to Pro-FX-Experts

Do you use the MetaTrader platform?

Do you still trade manually?

Let us create the Expert advisor that will replace your manual trading method. We have a great amount of experience in the Forex market and MetaQuotes programming language. We have created Expert Advisors for our many satisfied customers around the world for the past 10 years. We have also analysed the currency market for the past 12 years and are well placed to assist our customers professionally.

Use the Request Your EA page to request your Expert Advisor, we will work through the request and send you a quote for the work you requested. We only program Expert Advisors and indicators for MetaTrader ver. 4.

We also have provided you with a number of demo Expert Advisors to test as long as you like. The Expert advisors are for demo accounts only. We do sell live account versions of the EAs. You are also welcome to ask for modifications on the demo expert advisors at an additional cost.

Apply for your own Expert Advisor:

What do we need from you?
Explain to us exactly how you trade, you might include some of the following:

• Screen shots of your actual trading. Show some examples of completed trades start to end.

• EA’s work on all currency pairs, unless you need the EA to trade on specific currency pairs.

• EA’s work on all timeframes, but sometimes you trade on a specific timeframe or your indicators might read signals from different timeframes.

• EA’s can trade 24-7 but if you need to trade at specific times let me know.

• Let us know what indicators do you use and what signals must be used for the opening or closing of orders.

• Make use of Limit and/or Stop orders.

• Do you use hard TakeProfit or StopLoss targets or must they be hidden from the broker?

• What conditions is required to close orders in Profit or Loss?

Your current system might include much more or less detail than mentioned here. Just add it to your application and we will review it.

Standard in all Expert Advisors at no additional cost to you

• TakeProfit and Stoploss in pips setting. Set to zero to disable setting.

• Profit Trailing of orders with pip setting (Setting can be disabled with True/False setting – Included)

• Break-Even function to move stoploss to order open price after x amount of profit pips (Setting can be disabled with True/False setting – Included)

• Alert sound when orders is opened (Setting can be disabled with True/False setting – Included)

• Send email after new order was opened. (Setting can be disabled with True/False setting – Included)

• Manage-Money function that calculate your lot sizes based on your account size with a selected Risk percentage applied. Or disable the function and use the lot size input option.

• Start time and End Time setting to allow trades only during certain time period of the day.

• EA is coded with your name on it and you are welcome to sell your EA.


Expert advisor application process:

Please follow the following steps to start your Expert advisor development:

  1. Fill in the EA the EA Request form for a free quotation. We will reply to you where you can send any supporting documents and custom indicators.

  2. We will review your request and reply within 24 hours.

  3. We will contact you via email to discuss any issues or potential improvements.

  4. Pro-Fx-Experts will send you a final quotation before the Expert Advisor coding start.

  5. You will receive an electronic invoice via email before programming start. The email will allow you to do a secure online payment with your credit card.
    (Transactions is processed through PayPal or Direct Bank transfers)

  6. Programming will start after you have accepted the quotation and complete the payment.

  7. Allow us up to 2 weeks to complete the Expert Advisor. (Normally we finish coding and testing under a week)

  8. In this two weeks we might contact you again to discuss some issues.

  9. The Expert Advisor is back tested on reliable data.

  10. We will send out your Expert Advisor after all tests is completed.

  11. Full source code (mq4 file format) will only be mailed to clients that go through the above mentioned process.
    (Clients will receive a .ex4 file format when buying Pro-Fx-Expert's own Expert Advisors)

  12. After you received the EA and you pick up we have missed something just contact as via email and we will fix it at no cost.

  13. You can also request us to do some changes on your older Expert Advisors.

Apply here for your Expert Advisor Coding

Full custom Expert Advisor programming costs starts from as low as $89. It all depends on the amount of programming required. You will be notified of the total cost involved before we start with programming.


Examples of Expert advisors:

EA opens and closes positions from indicator signals or a set of specified rules. The Expert Advisor will work on all the currency pairs and all timeframes on the MetaTrader v4 platform. Programming cost for the example EA will start as low as $89, the EA will include your trading strategy and all the free features and functions mention above.


 Do you have an existing Expert Advisor with some problems or you need an update on your EA. We will fix them for as little as $69. You can also test our demo Expert Advisors and request that we update the EA to fit your trading style.


All prices are quoted in US Dollars. We use PayPal to process our payments. Note: Expert Advisor programming only start after we have confirmed payment. Customers cannot test the Expert Advisors before we received the full payment.